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President’s Report- October 2017 610-374-7101
“When given the choice between being right or kind, choose kind.” Wayne W. Dryer

➢ Leaves of Absence: I have been contacted by the Benefits Office in regard to Child Rearing Leaves, Leaves lasting longer than 5 days (FMLA), and Worker’s Compensation. I will break down each type of leave and important information regarding that leave.
-Child Rearing Leave:  Per the CBA you MUST notify the Benefits office of your Child Rearing leave by your 4th month of pregnancy. This is to allow time to secure a substitute for the time you will be out. This also allows the REA to calculate your dues deduction correctly and give you prior notification.

-Leaves lasting longer than 5 days:  If you plan to be out longer than 5 CONSECUTIVE days you must file for FMLA. If you have enough sick days to cover your leave they may be used, but this allows the Benefits office to know the length of the leave and secure a substitute.
-Worker’s Compensation:  If at any time you sustain an injury at work, no matter how minor it may seem, PLEASE fill out the Worker’s Compensation paperwork and schedule an appointment at Worknet or the Hospital (depending on the severity of the injury). If you do not fill out paperwork and decide that evening or the next day that you need medical attention and go to Urgent Care, you will be responsible for that bill. Please also note that Worker’s Compensation LAW requires that an employee use their own sick time for the first 7 days. This is the law and supersedes anything in our contract. When a claim is founded you will be given paperwork in which you must decide how you will be paid over your leave. Please note that the 1st option does not give credit towards your PSERS for the time you are out. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the office.
➢ New Teacher Dinner was a success! Thank you to the Reps for also attending and welcoming your new teachers!
➢ NEA/RA: Declaration of Candidacy forms are now available. A paper copy is attached, however you may also complete a nomination form online. We usually only send 2 REA members due to the cost, however it would be great to have more members attend through this opportunity! Forms are due to PSEA by October 20.

➢ Health Care Concerns: We are continuing to work on this. The Joint Healthcare committee met on September 12th. A full explanation of Benefits was requested from the Capitol Blue representative. When we receive this, it will be distributed to the membership. You may also access
to see what MUST now be covered. We are no longer under a grandfathered plan. There are 3 different sections to refer to, Adults; Women; Children. We have an arbitration date on the prescription grievance of January 10, 2018.
➢ SHOUT OUT! A special Shout Out to Bev Boyer who donated $100 to the scholarship fund. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
➢ Spirit Wear: Our spirit wear store is up and running. All proceeds from the sale of shirts will go to the REA scholarship fund. You may place your order by going to the REA website and clicking on the link.

➢ Please be in contact with Laura Stauffer (Communications Chair) for anything special your building is doing. We need to show off all the amazing things our teachers do!


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