REA serves as the voice of the education professionals and the students of the Reading School District. We believe that the children of Reading, Pennsylvania deserve the same educational opportunities as all other students throughout the state. Therefore, we work tirelessly to stand up for their rights, and for the rights of the adults who enhance and enrich their lives. The members of REA possess the experience and expertise needed to allow us to serve as the local authority on public education. With integrity and propriety, we will continue to vigorously advocate for our students and educators.

REA’s Guiding Principles

• All members matter equally, no matter who they are.
• Only with member participation can REA truly achieve success.
• Collaboration and communication are essential for the growth and prosperity of our Association.
• Respect is a universal right.
• When we advocate for educators, we advocate for our students.
• Integrity and honor are the basis for how we must do business.
• We must develop and build upon relationships.
• We must become politically aware and active.
• We must perform our business with competence, class, and character.
• We must always act, and expect to be treated, professionally.
• We are a vital part of the community.
• Our profession – to educate and enrich the lives of young people – is noble, honorable, and worthy of respect.

Our Mission

To promote the general welfare of educators and students; to protect the interests and defend the rights of our members; to foster professional zeal; to advance the educational atmosphere; and to promote professional relationships and respect between the Association, administration, and the community.

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